Summer activities in Nakusp

From mountain biking to vineyards, there’s plenty to do in Nakusp
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With summer just around the corner, many folks are busy planning summer activities, and Nakusp doesn’t disappoint when it comes to summer fun.

From markets to hot springs to mountain biking, Nakusp has something for everyone. Here are a few highlights of summer activities in Nakusp:

•Hot springs

Many visitors flock to Nakusp to check out the hot springs with Halfway Hot Springs, Nakusp Hot Springs and Haylcon Hot Springs being popular choices. The Halfway Hot Springs are found off the beaten track, which includes a forest service road, off Highway 23, north of Nakusp. There are stairs leading to the springs and an outhouse. Visitors are warned to be careful of poison ivy.

The Nakusp Hot Springs offer more amenities they are found alongside a campground and chalets. However, this infrastructure comes with a cost as guests are required to pay for passes.

The Halycon Hot Springs also come with accommodation and a restaurant overlooking their hot springs and Upper Arrow Lake.

•Waterfront Walkway

The Waterfront Walkway gives visitors a stunning view of Arrow Lakes and the mountain ranges. According to the Village of Nakusp website, the walkway is paved with benches, shaded areas and a garden. The walkway can be found a block south of Broadway Street.

•Nakusp Museum

The Nakusp and District Museum tells the history of the region and surrounding areas with artifacts, photos and stories.

•Farmer’s Market

Saturdays on Broad Street are full of fun as vendors sell their produce, crafts, and food.

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Valley of the Springs Winery

Wine lovers can spend their afternoons checking out the Valley of the Springs Winery, located on Alexander Road. The family-run operation offers visitors award-winning wine to sample.

Mountain Biking, Mount Abriel

For the adventurous folks who like to hit the mountain biking trails, Mount Abriel offers trails suited for multiple skill levels. The Nakusp Bike Society has been working hard to maintain the trail system.

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